Liberate your art: Postcard Swap

Liberate your art: Postcard Swap
Liberate your Art: Postcard Swap


Liberate your art: postcard swap

I participated in a postcard swap this spring, and received 5 great postcards, some did not have any info on how to connect the photographer artist.  thanks so much to Shelly Shockley   Jenny   and Susan Nystrom.

Check out all the cards and posts at Kat Eye Studio.  Thanks Kat for all your hard work, and your inspiration.




31 thoughts on “Liberate your art: Postcard Swap

  1. lots of blues in what you received…love how well they all go together. Having done this for the first time I’m hooked and hope Kat continues to put this swap together — though it’s a lot of work on her part, so many received such enjoyment.


    1. Hi Silver Bird, nice to hear from you, I am also enjoying all the blogs that have been listed and seeing the great work these photographers and ariist do, thanks for taking time to comment, it is nice to hear from people.


  2. Hi Kat, thanks for giving me the opportunity to get these lovely cards, to share some of my work, and to be introducted to so many wonderful photographers and artists. Thanks for all you hard work, and for the lovely video. this has been so special. thanks


  3. Great to be part of the swap with you, it’s been great hopping along seeing everyone’s gorgeous art works 🙂


    1. Hi sheila, I connected with those that had contact info, and I have had a couple of people who received my card contact me! it is wonderful. Hopefully you have heard from a few….


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