Dixieland Hibiscus Flower and Paul Cezanne

Dixieland Hibiscus Flower
Dixieland Hibiscus Flower 

One of the books I look at regularly “A year in Art” published by Prestel, it has a picture and quote for each day of the year  from a famous artist. I have had the book for a couple of years now, but because I don’t get an opportunity to look at it everyday there are images and quotes I haven’t read seen, or maybe don’t remember reading.

Today the image and quote is from Paul Cezanne “I could paint for a hundred years, and a thousand years without stopping and I would still feel as though I knew nothing”

I could pick up my camera everyday, each day the world is revealed to me in a new way. Each day the light changes and everything I thought I saw yesterday is different, I could send everyday for a thousand years and still be inspired to pick up my camera and wander the world.  My camera reminds me to see.

Have you walked by something a dozen times before you noticed it?


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