Figure, form and textures

figure, form and texture
figure, form and texture 

I have had this project,  figure, form and texture on hold a very long time, working on it in bits and pieces, between claims and photography assignments! yesterday I stopped everything for a couple of hours and worked on this, part of a personal project.  I will show you more over the next few weeks. The figure and form project has been percolating away on the back burner for quite sometime, probably a year now. With only the occasional opportunity to move forward.  I think sometimes projects need that kind of time, and sometimes I wish they would move faster!

I need two things to make this project work, people, or more specifically ladies, if you are in the Calgary area and what to collaborate on the project send me an email. Secondly, I would like some feedback!



6 thoughts on “Figure, form and textures

  1. Interesting project Janice. This study is a great example of figure, form and texture. I’m not too sure about the flowers on the diagonal, they are a little distracting for my eye as they tend to draw me out of the image. How many images do you plan to use to complete the project?


    1. HI Stewart, I found you comment! thanks for your feedback, I want 10 images for my portfolio by end of August! I think I could do that with 3 or 4 different people! Please pass along my info if you know anyone who might be interested in participating. thanks so much for your ongoing feedback and support


  2. visually beautiful and ethereal. . . happy that you are celebrating the female body because women are brainwashed into believing there’s only one standard for ”perfection”.


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