Megan-Tallulah lost

Megan-tallulah lost
Megan-tallulah lost

finally finished Megan’s photos. Megan had a very specific idea of the images she wanted, the look and the cloths, even some of the poses.  It was my job to get the set and the lighting just right, and of course final editing.  Once we were done the images she wanted we would play a little with each set up, and then we went out to play.  Heading downtown we found an interesting location, and worked with the reflection, the black railing and black wall.

An Alex Turner inspired photo session.

It was wonderful collaborating with someone who had a vision, yet left room for exploration and play. Thanks Megan for the opportunity to work with you.


4 thoughts on “Megan-Tallulah lost

    1. hi Stewart, the last image is actually a colour image! we used a black and white outfit on a black background, with very little processing or manipulation. I am glad you like the series, it was so much fun to work on. Megan started it all with a great idea.


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