portfolio 2

portfolio images http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4u3a_7z5GZ8


6 thoughts on “portfolio 2

    1. it was presented a while ago – I think last april or may?, if you go to you tube, you can find my channel, and see it as well as a couple of camino slide presentations I have done…
      I am glad you like it. I prepared and presented it for a BNI networking meeting yesterday.


  1. Hi Janice – some of your travel photos are almost as nice as some of my own photography! LOL!!!! Have I ever shown you pictures of rachel’s & my trip to Disneyland & San Diego??!! Reminds me of the world adventure travel slide shows my aunt & uncle used to put on for the relatives!! But you got me totally beat on the portrait/art photos!! RLMAON (really laughin’ my ass off, now!). And I agree with Dennis that the video resolution/quality doesn’t do your work justice – is there any way you can post your prints as individual prints instead of as a slide show on youtube? Maybe on facebook? I have an acquaintance, Sherry Cousins, who posts her art & photography on her FB page.


    1. Hi Thomas, glad you like the photography. I am working on a website. and some images are on my facebook fan page, and on the blog as separate images. but they are more difficult to find, once the website is set up I will let you know. janice


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