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Kosti, RCMP_late 19 century
Kosti, RCMP_late 19 century 


I had the opportunity to meet Kosti Muirhead thought BNI Rocky Mountain Thunder. As members of the morning networking group we have had the chance to chat a few times, and not that long ago he had the opportunity to make a presentation to the group about the services provide by Nerds on Site.

For small independent business having IT support on staff is impossibly expensive, and finding someone who can provide ongoing IT support customized to your individual needs can be both tricky and expensive. Well I am here to tell you that Kosti is just the answer.

Kosti contacted me a couple of weeks ago for business portraits, so it was an opportunity to learn a little more about him, his business and the services he provides.  He understands how to ensure that your  computer systems are working effectively, that the information is being backed up and is stored safely, and can make recommendations on improving you systems. He can do all of these things not just because he has had great training, and support from his company, but because he is a great listener.

When I visited with Kosti, I learned he , was on his way to Fort Steele. He belongs to a group who during events like Heritage weekend, dress as RCMP officers  they play the part of the officers. We have all been to different historical parks and talked to or watched demonstrations by the people there. They provide entertainment and eduction on life during the time.  Above is a picture of Kosti in his historical outfit. I processed it so that it had an old antique feel to it. 

Remember, if you need IT services give Kosti at Nerds on Site a call.


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