Telegraph Hill, Yuma Arizona

Telegraph Hill, Yuma Arizona.
Telegraph Hill, Yuma Arizona.

With the weather a little cooler we decided to do a little training hike. I have read conflicting reports on just how long the hike up telegraph hill is, I guess it depends on where a person starts and ends the garmin! I was unable to find information the distance from the parking lot to the trail head. From the trail head to the top of telegraph hill the distance varies 3.8 miles to 4.3 miles round trip. The elevation gain information also varies from 1227 feet to 1329 feet.  From the different websites I reviewed the average round trip takes about 3 hrs.

It was a tough grind to the top, the trail seemed to get steeper and steeper as we walked, but I am happy to report that we are average! We took about three hours to get to the top, have a snack, sign the book, take a few pictures, and walk back to the car. Chinese food for lunch, never tasted so good at the Asian Star.

So far we are enjoying our trip to Yuma….

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8 thoughts on “Telegraph Hill, Yuma Arizona

    1. Hi Chuck, thanks for the recommendation, there was a wonderful view from the top, and I wanted to show everyone the trail we walked! I think we are going to do it again later in the week! training for the upcoming camino.


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