Fraser Valley, Vancouver British Columbia

Fraser River, Vancouver BC, Canada,

Fraser River, Vancouver BC, Canada, 

Before going east I had the opportunity to fly to Vancouver, and I wanted to share this lovely view of the Fraser River at sunset.

My idea of inflight entertainment watching out the window, and of course taking photos.  I never really tire of the view, watching the clouds, seeing the landscape from the miles above.  More than likely I will be posting a few more images of what I have seen out the window of the airplane. I hope you enjoy the view as much as I have.



6 thoughts on “Fraser Valley, Vancouver British Columbia

  1. What a different perspective of that raging river.

    So are you on the way now??? Can I still email you from your normal address or can I just do it from this site while you are away – too far away – I hope you and Bill have a great year ahead and see so many things that you won’t remember them all. Lol. I’ll miss you and your dropping in for a coffee . I’m going to enjoy your pictures and antics too.


    • Hi Lynn, nice to hear from you, yes we are on our way. you can email me at the email address you have or you can leave a comment here. I will miss dropping by for coffee as well, but we can stay in touch on line.


  2. Hmmmm … it must be Springtime in BC now! Too bad we won’t be seeing signs of Spring until at least mid-April (if we’re lucky!). And they’re predicting a wet spring to boot!! Boo-Hoo! I used to fly to Vancouver every February to visit my brother but it got too depressing when I had to fly back to Calgary & suffer through 2 1/2 more months of yucky, dirty-brown end-of-winter muck!! LOL So, did you & Bill rent out the townhouse for the year or are you just going to Spain for 3 months or so? I’m afraID that Rachel & I have barely looked at all your photos never mind actually sat down to start selecting them! Hopefully we can get started on it tomorrow!! Have a wonderful adventure, Janice!!


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