a view from the airplane window

de-icing the plane
de-icing the plane
a view from the airplane window
a view from the airplane window
a view from the airplane window
a view from the airplane window
flying over the Canadian Winter Wonderland
Canada’s winter wonderland, a view from the airplane window

a few images taken during our flight from Calgary. the window did have some frost on it, so the images are not as crisp and clear as I would have liked. The other thing that happened, with all the flights I have been on, I think this is the first one that was de-iced just before we left, I love the spray of the water, and the out of focus equipment.

I love flying, and for me the best part of the flight is that moment of take off, the nose lifts, and you can feel the wheels leave the ground. The adventure begins…..

What is your favourite part of the flight.


6 thoughts on “a view from the airplane window

  1. My favorite part(s) are the same… the nose lift and the ‘leap’ into the air. The next best is the gentle kiss of the wheels as they touch down on the tarmac of my destination. I’m always in awe of the physics and technology that make flying possible!


  2. I am so with Stewart. Love the feeling of acceleration, and that instant when the plane spurns the earth and leaps into the air. The whole flight: feeling suspended in reality. Yes, the marvels of physics and technology that allow this. And Janice, I’m sorry to disagree… touchdown is marvelous, too. That exhale as you feel earth beneath you again. Hmm, maybe I just love flying.


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