Portimao Portugal

the beaches of Portimao Portugal

Today we visited the Praia da Rocha beach of Portimao Portugal. Arriving from Toronto Ontario, Canada it was warm and sunny, and such a change from the cold and snow we left behind.

The beaches are still empty, the busy summer tourist season has not yet arrived, by Easter the number of tourist in the town will increase, and the restaurants and shops will be overflowing with activity.

A view of Portimao Portugal from Foia Mountain
A view of Portimao Portugal from Foia Mountain

From the beach we drove up the Fioa Mountain, with an altitude of 902 meters (2959 ft.) it is the highest mountain in the Algarve, we could just barely see Portimao through the distant haze. I am told the winter rainy season has just ended, and we are hoping this is true, so the hills, are green, and the plants and trees are starting to bloom. Everything loose lush and lovely.

stone stacking, Portimao, Portugal
stone stacking, Portimao, Portugal

we also found samples of Stone Stacking, I love the idea that a person can be so patient as to stack stones, often tip to tip, and I have no idea how they might stay there.

the final images is just part of the backyard and view where we are staying, there are also lovely gardens, and the flowers are starting to bloom. They also have several seating areas in the garden to we can sit and enjoy the sunshine. I will try to post some pictures of the garden and flowers tomorrow. Bob and Sharon have been wonderful tour guides, and I am sure we will have lots to see tomorrow as well….

Sharon & Bob_Portimao_IMG_5481-2

I guess it could go without saying, but I will say it anyway, we are enjoying the warm temperatures and sunshine and oh so happy to be out of the cold….


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