Henry Moore visits Seville

Henry Moore visits Seville
   Henry Moore visits Seville 
Henry Moore in Seville
Henry Moore in Seville 

It’s hard to know where to start in describing Seville Spain, but my mind returns to something my father once said….“ you should be thankful that you have been born into a country like Canada” and I am, as it has allowed me the freedom and income to travel to so may beautiful places around the world…yet if there is such a thing as reincarnation, please let me come back as a Spaniard in the city of Seville. The old town is a place of immense beauty so interwoven, that like a poem about a love between a man and a women, the new and the old mingle together such that harmony is the only word to describe it. History (Seville Cathedral), and the modern (exhibition of Henry Moore Sculptures), stand side by side, each accentuation and complementing the beauty of the other, not competing for the stares of the passers by…but leaving them with something to keep and remember as they live out that day.

Can you tell, we are enjoying our time here in Seville!

Bill and Janice





6 thoughts on “Henry Moore visits Seville

  1. Beautiful city by the look of your photos. Your dad is a smart man to have given you that comment too.

    Lynn Stenabaugh


  2. yep, that’s pretty obvious from the lovely postings, stories & photos, Janice!! Keep ’em coming & thanks for sharing your travels with the rest of us landlubbers!!
    (I’m not sure that’s even a word, but it sounds good to me!!)


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