Happy First Day of Spring, from the Via la Plata, Spain

El Castilllo de las Torres, El Real de la Jara
El Castillo de las Torres, El Real de la Jara, Spain

it is the first day of spring, and I must say that Spring in Spain has been wonderful. Most days when we are walking temperatures start about 13 – 15 C and be mid day when we are done around  23 – 25 C. Yesterday we did get a sprinkle of rain, but most days are clear or there is only a light cloud cover. Did I mention it is nice?

It is hard to document the sounds that we hear. At times there has been roosters crowing to walk us up, is sounds pleasant, and I guess it is, but at 4 am not quite so nice! At least some of the goats, sheep, and cows are wearing bells, so we can hear them clang in the distance. The occasional farm dog barks as we go by. Most of the roads are quiet, the occasional car, or tractor, although we have had times where we had to walk on or near the highway, and we had to listen to the cars swish by us at great speed, this was a little unnerving. Most of the time we are walking in the beautiful quiet country side, listening to song of the birds.  A wonderful way to spend a spring day.



2 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Spring, from the Via la Plata, Spain

  1. Wow…it sounds brilliant! My current spring day is below zero and ice/snow – so yours sounds much nicer!  On a Camino note, already Via de la Plata sounds amazing and quite different from the Frances!


    1. Hi Kendra, the Via la Plata is quite different from the Camino Francis, it is much quieter, peaceful really. the walks between towns is further, the people we have meet on this journey even more friendly and more helpful, I didn’t really think that was possible! thanks for following and for taking time to comment.


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