Weekly Photochallenge: Street Photography, Merida Spain

Merida, Spain, just before sunrise, March 29, 2014
Merida, Spain, just before sunrise, March 29, 2014 

we were up early this morning, in the off-chance there was a great sunrise. It has been raining on and off again for the last few days, but we always remain hopeful of a beautiful sunrise. On our way to the river and the Roman Bridge, I decided to take this image, I love the light reflecting off the wet streets. There isn’t a lot of street life at this time of day, 7 am, not that early in my books, but it is a Saturday and I guess people were sleeping in.

WordPress hosts a creative photo-challenge each week, check out the street photography others have linked to the challenge, see what is going on around the world…

Meanwhile I have taken the afternoon off from walking. I will be process some lovely evening and early morning photos we have taken from Merida Spain.



19 thoughts on “Weekly Photochallenge: Street Photography, Merida Spain

  1. Lovely shot! The street lamp shining down on the neon sign and the clock face really make this a great photo! Good work so early (7am in Spain is probably thought of as beeing the middle of the night seeing as everyone stays up until 2 or 3 in the morning! LOL 🙂


    1. I think 7 am is the middle of the night here, we didn’t really see to many people emerging until mid afternoon – but then it was cool and rainy, so maybe they had no reason to go out! glad you like the photos, more tomorrow!


    1. Hi Janet, yes it seems the streets are quiet in the morning! but that is okay. I like to nap in the afternoon, but even then 2 or 3 am is middle of the night for me. thanks for taking time to comment, we will have photos of the historic sites of Merida tomorrow, hopefully you will pop back for a visit.


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