Walking the Via la Plata; Spring 2014

Walking the Via la Plata, Spring 2014

March 2014

If you have been following the blog, you will know that we have been walking the Via la Plata in Spain. For those of you who might not be familiar with the walk, it is a route follows the Christian pilgrimage route from Cadiz to Santiago de Compostela. Prior to the Christians using these road, Moor and Romans built and used the road to transport commodities and move armies.

This image is one of several I have taken, in fact I take at least one each day to show the roads and pathways we are on, the weather we are experiencing, and the landscape we are witness.

I am linking this blog post to KatEye-Studio, Photo-Heart Connection; I have followed her blog for sometime now, repeatedly inspired to create images that reflect my experiences; my heart is on the road this month! Check out Kat’s Photo-Heart Connection Blog




25 thoughts on “Walking the Via la Plata; Spring 2014

  1. Oh Janice and Bill, Thank you so much for taking the fabulous photos and journaling so we can sort of share your experience. It is INCREDIBLE. What a super way to stop and smell the roses in ones life. I admire you both for following your dream. Continue to enjoy and please don’t stop sharing!!. Miss you guys Barbara _____


    1. Hi Barbara, so nice to hear from you. we are enjoying the walk, Spain, and sharing our experience with everyone. But we do miss our friends at home as well (out of sight, not out of mind!) take care, and thanks for taking time to comment. hugs Janice and Bill


  2. Wonderful! It’s so nice to have you joining in from the road. There is something about the simplicity of the space around you that appeals to me in this image. I can only imagine the journey, of body and soul, you are on. Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection.


    1. Burgos is a beautiful city as well, we stayed an extra day to see the sights when we walked the Camino Francis… I hope that you find time to visit Santiago someday…
      thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to wish us well, it means a lot to me.


    1. Hi Kila, thanks for visiting, and taking time to comment, I am glad you like the photo. the camino is quite a journey. walking many miles, through all kinds of weather is only part of the story. Seeing the countryside, historic monuments, and meeting so many wonderful helpful people, it is easy to see the beauty of our world. Any I am grateful for the opportunity…


  3. Wow, what an adventure that must be! It would be amazing to walk where so many have travelled over the centuries. I’m glad to meet you – I’m visiting from Kat’s Photo-Heart Connection.


    1. Hi Seabluelee, thanks for visiting from Kat’s Photo-Heart Connection, and taking time to comment. we are enjoying our travels through Spain and history! I hope you will visit again.


    1. Hi Miriam, thanks for visiting and taking time to comment. I love to hear from people. we have been walking about 3 weeks, although we don’t walk everyday, we like to spend time visiting the towns and seeing the historic sites. I hope you will visit again.


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