Calla Lilies in Merida Spain

Calla Lily

Just outside the Visgoth Museum is Merida Spain was a lovely garden, and the Calla Lilies were blooming, the garden was lovely. I wanted to share them with you. The Visigoths spread over much of the western Roman Empire in the fourth and fifth centuries, and the museum  owns a collection of more than a thousand pieces of Visigothic art and is one of two Visigothic museums in Spain. It is a must see for anyone travelling to Merida Spain. We have been walking up the Via la Plata on our way to Caceres, the scenery is beautiful, but it cannot beat the lovely Calla Lilies. I hope you enjoy your Sunday.

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4 thoughts on “Calla Lilies in Merida Spain

    1. Hi Sheryl, nice to hear from you. nice to hear Spring is finally coming around in Calgary! the Calla Lily is a beautiful flower, and one I have not been very successful at growing! glad you like the image. 🙂


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