For the love of Peacocks; Careres Spain

Peacock showing off
Peacock showing off

We have arrived in Caceres Spain, late one afternoon and we walked around the narrow cobblestone streets of the old town. When we spotted the lovely Peacock calling out, and showing off his lovely plumage as he sat high on one of the roof tops, just out of reach and unbothered by the growing crowd below. It is heard not to stop and watch such a beautiful creature, it is a little like watching a mime in the square, except there was no hat to throw money into….

Peacock, calling to the crowd
Peacock, calling to the crowd

Over the years I have occasionally experimented with adding a texture layer to some of my images, and decided to add a one to these images to give a painted quality to this set of images. The texture and inspiration come from Kim Klassen’s collection, and is called Waterfront7-Magic eDiition. Kim  has provided great inspirational ideas, and technique over the years. This week’s blog post is “for the love of…”  I will join the growing list of admirers and add my post to her page, check out her work, as well as the many others who use textures as part of their image processing.

these and other images are available from my gallery 


8 thoughts on “For the love of Peacocks; Careres Spain

  1. I just love the glowing colour on the front of that lovely boy. I think you could frame these and hang them: the first one vertical, the second, horizontal. The effect you used on the sky works so well. (yah, I know, where would you hang them, CSB? *sigh* in the vast cavernous spaces of my mind, where there’s plenty of room)
    Their call is so interesting, too: I remember one at the zoo, it sounded like he was saying, ” ‘elp! ‘elp!”


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