Caceres Spain

Old Town; Caceres Spain
Old Town; Caceres Spain

We have spent a few days visiting the city of Cacres Spain, wandering the streets of the old town. Cáceres was declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO in 1986 because of the city’s blend of Roman, Moorish and  Italian Renaissance Architecture.  Thirty towers from the Islamic period still stand in Cáceres I was standing in the bell tower of the Santa Maria, and was able to get a great view of the streets and of the Church of Francisco Javier and it’s two white towers that is visible from almost anywhere in the city. snail_IMG_6880 We are moving through Spain at a snail’s pace, but enjoying every minute, warm sunshine, great food, and most importantly friendly helpful people. We are amassing a large number of photographs, with no time for processing and that is as Martha Stewart would say “a good thing”


7 thoughts on “Caceres Spain

  1. Hi Janice, great photo of the city. I love those pan-tiled roofs especially when they are interspersed with some different colors to create panels of tiles. The snail analogy was also pretty cool. I’d love to do what you are doing, wandering through ‘old’ Spain, savoring the different cultures.


    1. Hi Stewart, glad you like the photo, it is nice to get a different vantage point once in a while. If there is tower to climb, you will find me climbing it! I love the prospective. Spain is wonderful place to wander – so many different cities, each unique in their own way, and the countryside varies so much as well. Glad you are enjoying the blog.


  2. Super cool city photo! Real glad to hear that you’re taking your time and enjoying it.

    Hey–not sure if you’re interested but I’ve been looking at day-for-night photography recently. I guess it’s mainly a process for movies, but some still photographers do it too. You might find it cool! I found a bunch of stuff on a google image search.


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