Spring and the storks are nest building: Caceres Spain

It's spring, and time to build a new nest
It’s spring, and time to build a new nest

Caceres Spain seems to be the city of medieval buildings and storks!

There were plenty of then perched on old buildings and flying around, but it took me forever to get a decent photo! I would see their shadow pass and by the time I got the camera out they were gone. Or worse, I would see one sitting, on top of a building, watching the people below, so I would sit and wait, and watch. I hate to admit it, I don’t have much patience for sitting and waiting and watching, especially a bird that is sitting and waiting and watching!  After a couple of minutes I would find something else to watch, and when I looked back the stork would be gone!

But finally, on this day, with white puffy clouds and a beautiful blue sky as a background I caught this stork flying back to the nest, spring renovations or underway I would say! I have been rewarded despite my total lack of patience!

The photo does break some basic compositional rules, you know the ones I am talking about, rule of thirds, something “moving” through the frame should have room to move, best to have your subject in the left side of the frame, those types of rules. But I think it works, let me know what you think. A little feedback would be appreciated.

More images are available for viewing at my gallery, I do hope you will visit it and give me a little feedback.


6 thoughts on “Spring and the storks are nest building: Caceres Spain

  1. Rules are made to be broken. Rules do not apply to art. If you are a rule sticker-to 🙂 you can always crop it to follow some of the “rules”! Me, I’d leave it as is. Would be a great photo for stock (yes, and stork!). There is lots of space to insert ad copy.


  2. Rules only apply to those who know the rules!! The rest of us amateur photogs will just appreciate the simple beauty of the photo without any ideas of “correct” composition!! I was thinking of you & Bill a lot this past week, Janice, as I spent it at King’s Fold Retreat Centre along the foothills west of Cochrane. I hiked several miles along the paths through the forest and along the river during my stay. I took along a walking stick & imagined what it would be like to go on a “pilgrimage” like you & Bill are on. Only I think I might take mine in Scotland. I read a book about Celtic spiritual traditions and am inspired to do a walking tour of sacred Scottish sites. Failing that, a pilgrimage to Spain would be great, too. I will have to hear more about your travels whenever you return home. Take care & walk gently upon the earth!!


    1. thanks blazer88; the foothills west of Cochrane is a wonderful area to do some hiking, and I think Scotland would be a wonderful place to go for a walk as well. so many wonderful places in the world to see and enjoy!


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