Bill in Salamanca Spain April 2014


During our visit to Salamanca we found the old flour mill.  While it hadn’t been in operation for many years it has been cleaned up and opened for visitors. We had the chance to see and read about the workings of the old mill. We were the only visitors to cross the threshold during the 30 – 40 minutes we poked around the place.  On the second floor, beside one of the windows was an old chair. A beautiful spot to sit and look out the window at River Tormes.  The light that afternoon was beautiful and I couldn’t resist taking a few photos of Bill while he sat and looked out the window.





12 thoughts on “Bill in Salamanca Spain April 2014

    1. Hi Journey, while I can’t take credit for the light, I will take credit for the portraits! It was a very unexpected find indeed, and the reason I almost always carry my camera! It was great to see some of your work as well today. thanks again for taking for me today.


  1. Bill is a very handsome man, I must say! He has a very wise look to his face in these photos & if he isn’t already, he will one day be a great grampa, too!! Love following your travels, Janice. Thanks for the many updates.


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