Argentum Photos in Park del Retiro, Madrid Spain


We were walking around Park del Retiro and we found this young man (young being relative to my years on this earth) he had a camera and a darkroom in a box. he was taking photos using a paper negative inside the box. He then developed the paper negative, then photographed the negative and created a positive image, developing it in the box as well.  Below are some of the images I shot while Bill and Niki were getting their photos taken.



IMG_9150 IMG_9156



It was fun to watch the process. Two things I didn’t do that day that I wish I had done, while I did get a business card, and the name of the company but I didn’t get the photographer’s name (I assumed his name would be on the card!) and I didn’t get a chance to look in the box. The photographer was busy, people began lining up for pictures after we arrived, and I am not sure he would have shown me his process, but I didn’t ask and I think I regret not asking more than not seeing!!!  Well we have a great photo of Bill and Niki, one that will never be repeated.



11 thoughts on “Argentum Photos in Park del Retiro, Madrid Spain

  1. Hi Janice, You are seeing some wonderful things on your trip! This one seems particularly different. I agree that “Looking inside the box”, so to speak, would have been a great thrill. Perhaps you’ll have another opportunity on your travels. I sure hope so! Thanks for sharing 🙂 🙂


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