From Madrid to Toledo

Toledo Cathedral, Toledo Spain
Toledo Cathedral, Toledo Spain

We have left Madrid and taken a 30 minute train ride to Toledo Spain. Some of you, who have been following the blog for a while might remember that the plan was to walk the Via la Plata, a medieval camino route from Seville to Santiago de Compostela. We had walked the Camino Francis about 18 months ago, and really enjoyed our time in Spain and walking. The Via la Plata is a different route, much further between towns meaning longer walking stages, fewer travellers or pilgrims on the road, and not as well accommodated. We found we were not really enjoying ourselves. We do understand that the idea behind a camino, and we don’t expect to enjoy everyday, but still, this is our journey and so we have left he Via la Plata route, and are no longer walking north towards Santiago de Compostela. We are taking sometime off the camino path, and we are going to get a little rest, travel by train and visit some of the world heritage sites in Spain. That is what brought us to Toledo, and this great Cathedral, more about it tomorrow.



16 thoughts on “From Madrid to Toledo

  1. Great photo!! It never ceases to amaze me how many churchs there are in Europe and how much religion governed their lives….Also the beauty a nd workmanship is incredible!..


  2. good on you to be flexible with your travel plans. there is a saying: sometimes the changes are quicker than the plans. it happens. the architecture from times past really is incredible. thanks for sharing.


  3. I like how the trees kind of frame this picture. Glad you guys are enjoying yourself and hey – it is your Geezer Gap Year…. you can do what you want!


  4. oh, that’s too bad 😦 but you’re right – you have to do what is right for you! may i ask what was it that you ultimately didn’t like about the VdlP? i hope to walk it myself one day soon so i’m curious!

    here’s hoping this next part of your voyage is more enjoyable!


    1. The Via la Plata is much quieter, longer walking stages each day, and it is more costly for accommodations and meals, most of this we expected, as much as you can expect the unknown! But the days seemed like endless days of walking, with little time or energy for anything else, maybe that comes from being two years older. We felt there was some much to see, here in Spain, that we were missing. It is sad, but we are enjoying our days, and our sightseeing a lot more. I think if we were a little younger and a little fitter it would be easier. We also learned that dehydration is a big part of why were tired and lacked energy, that is also improving.


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