The Medieval Walls of Toledo Spain

Moorish Walls of Toledo Spain
The Medieval Walls of Toledo Spain 

Toledo Spain, only 30 minutes by train from Madrid, is one of the most visited cities of Spain, and inside the city walls of this old city the buildings and winding streets hold hundreds of years of history. Many of the buildings are made of brick, rather than the traditional stone as in many Spanish cities, a reflections of the Moorish history.

Wandering from historic site to historic view points, we walk the narrow streets filled with restaurants and tapas bars keeping an ever alert our eyes and ears for cars and delivery vans also meandering down the narrow streets who are eager to get to their next stop. Built high on a hill the narrow cobble streets seem to be either going up or down, but never flat.


Here is a view of our quiet street, after dark, and the tourists have headed back to Madrid.


4 thoughts on “The Medieval Walls of Toledo Spain

    1. Hi Reg, the street shot was from the window balcony, the street is just wide enough to fit a small car down, the balcony stands out about two feet over the street and with a little lean out I was just about in the middle of the street!!!


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