Knife Sharpener; Street Photography in Tarragona Spain

Knife Sharpener; Tarragona Spain
Knife Sharpener; Tarragona Spain

I love to wander the street markets, there is so many things and people to see and watch. One thing I have never seen in any other market is a guy with a grinder wheel sharpening knives. It was interesting to watch, and getting a good photo was with the lighting conditions was difficult, sun was high over head creating harsh deep shadows on his face and patchy light spots on his hands.

He was busy doing a job that I didn’t want to interrupt! But in keeping with my challenge to do more people, I decided that street performers is a good place to start. As mentioned by a couple of the readers about a previous post “Lady in Red”,  street performers are on the street and are likely to have some expectation of having their photo taken, although I usually try to make sure they seem me and have an opportunity at least to shake their head “no”.

I am not sure if anyone wants to hear about the magic behind the images, the original photo had some heavy shadows on his face and across his chest, while his hands had some burnt out light spots. But with a little work with Nik Software; using the HDR Effects Pro I was about to bring back some of the highlights and open up the shadows, they  have some great presets as well as adjustable controls allowing me to be able to finish the image as I want. I always do this on a duplicate layer in Photoshop giving me even more control over the HDR effect. Finally finishing off the image with Silver Effects Pro I can get just the black and white that works best for each images.

Using these tools in my virtual darkroom, I feel a little as I did so many years ago in my basement darkroom. Picking just the right images to develop, then dodging and burning, testing different papers and chemicals to see the different results. Next thing I know hours have gone by and rather than going to sleep I should be going out to photograph the next sunrise.




7 thoughts on “Knife Sharpener; Street Photography in Tarragona Spain

    1. H Stewart, glad you like it. I am never quite sure if I should talk about how an image is processed. But I have been reading some other blog, and I both learn and enjoy the information. Given the dramatic changes that I was able to achieve with this image I thought I would pass it along.


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