Sunrise; Tarragona Spain

Sunrise; Tarragona Spain copyright jmeyersforeman photography
Sunrise; Tarragona Spain

The remains of the Tarragona’s Roman amphitheater, built-in the 2nd century AD have spectacular views of the sea. Unfortunately the sun doesn’t rise over the sea, at least at this time of the year. But we did manage to find a spot where we could see the amphitheater, the sea, and the sunrise!

Rise occurred at 6:45 am, dusk began at 6:15. luckily we are only a few minutes walk from the site we choose for our sunrise so we were up about 6 am, dressed and on site as the sky started to change colour. Mornings are a wonderful time of day, the sun makes a dramatic entrance, the streets are quiet, and after the sunrise photography was done, we head to the local cafe for grilled croissant and cafe con leche (coffee with steamed milk). I cannot think of a better way to start the day.

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14 thoughts on “Sunrise; Tarragona Spain

    1. try Canada in the winter! the sunrise on Oct 30th, can be as late as 8:30 am – keep in mind the trade off is the temperatures – average low -5C and often there is snow!!!! to be honest I have trouble enjoying those sunrises, and usually see them from the car as I commute to work!


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