Bubbles; On the Move

Bubbles; on the move
Bubbles; on the move

This weeks photo challenge is “on the move” so I thought I would show you the bubbles, sent drifting through the air on a soft mediterranean breeze.

We have finished our visit to Tarragona Spain, it was great fun to watch all the different street performers. We noticed as the weather warmed, and the weekend approached more and more of them were on the corners via-ing for attention. It was hard to beat the bubbles, anywhere we found bubbles we found lots of happy children running around chasing the bubbles trying to burst them, getting wet and soapy whenever they caught one! Because I didn’t have the permission of the children’s parents to photograph them, or to post their images on the blog we don’t get to see their happy faces running through the image, but you can image the fun they were having I am sure!

More street photography on Photoshelter



7 thoughts on “Bubbles; On the Move

  1. Love it!! What fun for all of you! Happy Mothers Day Janice!! You are such a great role model and I admire your love of life and the fact that you are living it!!!!! Have a very special day!! _____


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