Sunset, Ciudad of Arts and Science, Valencia Spain

sunset at the Ciudad of Arts and Science, Valencia Spain
sunset at the Ciudad of Arts and Science, Valencia Spain 

Along an axis of just under two kilometres that was formerly the bed of the River Turia, in Valencia Spain, this complex of striking architecture – designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela – and an endless capacity for entertaining and stimulating the minds of its visitors. In its various buildings, known as Ciudad of Arts and Science, people can get to know different aspects of science, technology, nature, and art.

I previously posted about the Oceanografic which is part of this Science and Art Park, it was unfortunately the only building we were able to visit. The building on the left of the image, L ‘Hemisferic is home to an IMAX theatre, a planetarium and a laserium, while the building to the right just behind it is the El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia is home to an opera house and performing arts centre.

Most nights when we head out to do sunset photos we are alone, the evening settling in around us and the lights of the city start to flicker, Last night it was quite different, while we were standing at the northeast corner of the “pond” that surrounds the buildings waiting and watching for the sunset we were joined by a small class of photographers, experimenting with ND filters and long exposures, tourists from various parts of Spain, Holland, and the US all chatting away, enjoying the sunset and the shared experience of the beautiful evening.




11 thoughts on “Sunset, Ciudad of Arts and Science, Valencia Spain

    1. Hi Robin, I was using some long shutter times so the water became soft and the reflections more interesting! You just never know what the sunrise or the sunset will give you! one gentleman said the sunset the night before was not very interesting! so I guess luck was on our side that day!


  1. I wanted to get to Valencia purely to visit this place, but couldn’t manage to fit it in. I shall just have to experience it vicariously through your pictures – lucky they are such nice pictures! I really like the interaction of the water, shadows and reflected light in the bottom half of the picture.


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