We were at a little port town called Ayamtome Spain, on a Sunday, and to say call it a sleepy little town, would be an understatement. Most of the stores and markets were closed. There were a few people around the plaza’s, one young guy said that tourist season is not yet in full swing and many of the hotels were still closed. The tourist information was closed so it was hard to get any information about the town.

As walked along the coastline we did come find this boat grave yard – there were a three or four old boats of different sizes well past the need for repair,  and not likely to return to work any time soon. This beauty was the most interesting of them.

It has given me an idea for a new series, titled “Aged”  I want to show the beauty of old and worn, thing past their prime. Everywhere we have travelled we have been drawn to the beauty of the past, some places more aged and or more worn than others. There is still so much to explore.

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18 thoughts on “Retired

  1. Lovely photo Janice! B&W is a good choice as it reflect the”oldness”. You could try a sepia tint and maybe play with just the boat itself in just a hint of sepia. Have fun!
    BTW: I know a perfect subject for your new series “Aged” – old and worn and past it’s prime…. a portrait of moi!! 🙂


    1. Hi Stewart, I thought about a touch of toning, but then thought if I was going to do a series I might want them all the same process, so I will debate this one with myself as I go along. who knows you might find an updated version before the series if finished!!!
      you may be a little worn around the edges and set for retirement, but I bet you have a few good years left!


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