Carriage Rides in Cordoba

Carriage rides in Cordoba Spain
Carriage rides in Cordoba Spain 

Imagine a romantic carriage ride through the narrow streets of Cordoba Spain, listening to the coachmen’s tales as he steers the ponies down the historic district of this beautiful city.

I wanted to re-create the feeling of an old romantic time, the little car following the carriage doesn’t really help, to reach the goal I used one of Kim Klassen’s textures, kk-waterfront18. Before adding the texture to the image I did a little work on it, first increasing the saturation and then taking it into the filter gallery to add the watercolour filter giving it a more textured feeling. Once this was done I added the layer to the image using overlay blend mode, giving it an old grainy photo look.  I then converted the photo to black and white using Nik Silver Effects Pro Software.

I read Kim’s blog regularly and her Texture Tuesday blog, dozens of photographers who use and experiment with textures link in, it is a great place to learn about the possibilities textures provides to change and add character to an image.

We haven’t tried the carriage rides yet, and with one day left in Cordoba I am not sure we will find the time, but I love to watch the horse and carriage drive down the street.


8 thoughts on “Carriage Rides in Cordoba

    1. Hi Robin, thanks, I thought some people would find the process interesting especially if adding textures is new to them. I have learned a lot about textures and been able to acquire a few free textures from Kim Klassen so it was worth a mention.


  1. It’s a beautiful scene, with a texture that suits it perfectly. (My oldest son, a chef, has been in Basque country for 3 months doing a “stage” at Etxeberri . He will have dined at 4 restaurants in the top 50 of the world by the time he returns to Brooklyn in two weeks. He has taken some wonderful photos of the area with his iPhone.)


    1. Hi Evelyn, thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment, the Basque area is a beautiful part of Spain. We spent some time up there a couple of years ago walking the Camino to Santiago de Compostela. I am sure your son is enjoying his time and his experiences. I checked out the website, this looks like a wonderful restaurant.


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