Palacio Carlos V, Albambra, Granada Spain

Palace of Charles V; Alambra, Granada Spain
Palace of Charles V; Alambra, Granada Spain  

Charles V, King of Spain, elected Emperor of Germany, decided to build his royal palace in the Alhambra after the visit by a Granada after their wedding in Sevilla with Isabel of Portugal in 1526.  A circle inscribed in a square, and the use of architectural language of the Renaissance. His choice of location inside the Alhambra for its construction shows the king’s awareness of the beauty of the Arab palaces and his interest in preserving them for posterity. 

This was an interesting piece of architecture and a great place to use the 15mm wide-angle lens. Standing on the 2nd floor we can almost see the entire building in perfect perspective. I did try to sit on the ground, in the centre circle, but the building is too big to get the entire building in a single frame. Visiting hours at the Alambra limit the time of day photographs can be taken inside the buildings, and we had a clear sunny day resulting in a harsh shadows. I guess I am one of the few tourists who hopes for cloudy or possibly even rainy days!!!



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