Train Travel; Spain

train travel
train travel

At Carceres Spain, and about 300 km of the Via la Plata, we decided walking was no longer the way we wanted to see Spain, there was much to see! With some research we found we could by a 6 trip 30 day  train pass on the Renfe Train service, and was the best option for getting from place to place.

Since then we have travelled from Madrid to Tarragona, to Valencia, Cordoba, Granada, and up to Santiago de Compostela, and we have been able to see the varied countryside of Spain, as well as the beautiful cities and historic sites. From the snow-covered mountains of the Sierra Nevada Mountains  just outside of Granada, to the beautiful Mediterranean Coast at Tarragona and Valencia, to the Meseta near Madrid, as well as the beautiful countryside of Galicia.  We have relaxed in comfortable seats, in air-conditioned cars and watched the countryside roll by. While it is not the same as walking the Via la Plata, we have seen a lot more of the historic sites with a lot less wear on our bodies.

The trains a comfortable, run on time, most if not all have a cafeteria car where food and drink is available. The train stations can be found in or near the city centre of each city or town, in most cases. In Madrid where there are several train stations, we found both metro service and city bus line that operates between the stations, and the airport. All easy to navigate with our very limited Spanish language skills.



5 thoughts on “Train Travel; Spain

  1. I’ve been looking at the rail passes….and also at the old age pensioner discounts…for our trip to Spain later this year…your photography has given us plenty of inspiration.


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