Circular Staircase

circular staircase
circular staircase 

Staircases are, at least for me, visually interesting. The have rhythm of line, and a symmetrical balance that is pleasing I suspect because predictability, and ease at which the eye can move around the photo. Circular staircases have an added interest a vanishing point that draws the viewer’s eye in so naturally to the focal point. This staircase seems to be two stair cases wrapped into one, and one of the more interesting staircase I have seen in a while.


13 thoughts on “Circular Staircase

  1. Janet, a captivating image, thanks for posting. Staircases like this have an organic form that also has the “perfection” of being man made. I thought that the only double staircase is the famous one in the Vatican Museum, which I have had the privilege of seeing and photographing. Interesting that the Vatican staircase was build just before the discovery of the double helix of DNA, which become a controversy in itself.


    1. Hi Keith, nice to hear from you. this staircase reminded me of the double helix – when looking at from the 2nd floor doorway! The staircase is one three stories high, with beautiful railings, that draw you up!


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