Another Quiet Cobblestone Street

Another quiet cobblestone street
Another quiet cobblestone street 

Baiona has been a wonderful relaxing little seacoast town. While the weather has not been horrible, it has been windy and rainy at times during the day, giving us a great excuse to sit on the balcony, process images, enjoy the wine, and relax.

This image was is of  a lovely little cobblestone street in Silves Portugal, processed in Photoshop, using a Watercolour layer from the filter gallery, then adding a texture from Kim Klassen’s collection for a little extra, I can’t really describe what Kim’s textures will do for an image, but anytime I find an image that needs a little something-something, I can usually find it among her textures!


11 thoughts on “Another Quiet Cobblestone Street

    1. Hi Cheryl, thanks for dropping by and taking time to comment, if is always nice to hear from visitors. Kim’s textures are wonderful for adding tone and texture, even though I don’t use them a lot, I do love them!!!


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