Baiona Spain

long exposure, fast moving water
long exposure, fast moving water 

Near Baiona Spain there are a number of beaches, and it is a popular summer resort town, some of the beaches are beautiful sandy beaches suitable for enjoying the sun, watching the waves, and collecting seashells. Some of them are rocky and the waves don’t roll in, they crash in against the rocks, sometimes with big a big splash.

The trick to getting the beautiful white water is a neutral density filter, finding the right setting so catch some of the splash, and not smooth out the water too much is also a consideration, and personal judgement. For me I could sit there all day, watching the waves, trying out different settings, each image a little different. Different not just because of the settings, but on just how the water hits the rocks, if the tide is going out or coming in, the clouds in the sky all change the light on the water! So many variables!


9 thoughts on “Baiona Spain

  1. Love the photo – of course I love the ocean — Glad all is well with you two – good here. Call when you have a moment.


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