Little Pebbles

Little Pebbles
Little Pebbles 

It seems I take at least one little pebble with me when I leave the beach! So I decided that before we left Baiona I would create my own little stone stack for a still-life photo. It seemed a perfect post to connect with Kim’s Friday Finds

We are off to A Coruna on the north-west coast of Spain, from there we will travel to Ferrol, just an hour train ride from A Coruna, we want to take the narrow gauge train across the north coast of Spain, more about it later, when I have photos!


8 thoughts on “Little Pebbles

  1. I always seem to pick stones where ever I go. I love your idea of creating stone stack, so beautifully simplistic! Looking forward to seeing more of your vacation photos.


    1. Hi Diane, thanks for visiting, and taking time to comment, it is nice to know I am not the only one who takes home little treasures from the beach! I look forward to hearing from you again.


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