Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee
Morning Coffee 

Every once in a while coffee looks so good, I just have to take a picture. Looking back through my blog posts I seem to have a few images of my morning coffee! Each one a little different from the last. I thought I would add a textured frame to the image, and I haven’t quite decided if it improves the image or not, or if there is something else I should do, or if I should just leave the frame off altogether.

It has only been recently that I have started to add frames to some of my images. I have always felt that it is  a style that can by used for some images, and maybe good for a series to hold it together, but there are times when I feel it can be a bit gimicky, if gimicky is even a word.  I wonder if I want them to be representative of my work.

So tell us your thoughts on frames, love them, hate them, use occasionally. Have you experimented with them? leave a comment on your favourite framed image, it would be great to see some examples if you have any.



5 thoughts on “Morning Coffee

  1. Lovely shot – makes my mouth water – coffee & croissants in an ‘exotic’ setting. 🙂
    As for framing – I think that using frames is OK for electronic photography, especially if it is, as you say, holding a series together. On printed work, I’ve always thought that framing is part of the art as, if done properly, the mat and the frame colors can emphasis part of the photograph – or not. Framing electronic photographs should be viewed in the same way. You have to be careful exactly what frame you use. One of my goals (medium term) is to redo my website and find an appropriate frame for each photograph. I have seen this done and it certainly enhanced the presentation of the photographs.


    1. Hi Dish with Mish, thanks for taking time to comment, it is always nice to get an answer to these burning questions! all joking aside, it is nice to hear from others, no know others are reading and maybe contemplating the same questions.


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