Smiling faces of other travellers

little smiling faces are hard to ignore
little smiling faces are hard to ignore

this little girl and her family were in line just in front of us, we had a chance to chat for a while waiting for the door to open, she was so adorable I couldn’t help but take her picture, who won’t fall in love with those big brown eyes.

it isn’t often we meet other English-speaking travellers, and often when we do we have a short conversation; where you from, how long have you been in Spain, what have you enjoyed, the usual stuff that passes a little time until the door opens or the train arrives. Quite often we get good information on a restaurant or places to visit.

I processed the image using Florabella’s Black and While Blush action, with some alterations; I find quite often that each action has to be adjuster at least slightly depending on the photo. I have had the actions for quite sometime, and while I don’t use them a lot, there are occasions when they are perfect. Oh course, learning when and how to use and the action, or texture, even a layer blend mode in Photoshop is key to using them at anytime!

Do you have a favourite set of actions you would recommend?


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