Monochrome Madness Week 16

Leanne Cole has shared some great black and white photos from other bloggers, so many great images, it is going to take me all week to visit the different blogs and check out all the work!


Welcome to Week 16 of this madness in the form of monochrome images.  I still find it a challenge and still always wondering what I can do. It is great to see so many people doing black and white images, or images with minimal colour.  I have started thinking a lot more about black and white, monochrome and how I can do these images.

Since last week everyone enjoyed the smaller post, I have decided that from now on, if I get less than 50 images, I will post them here.  If I get more than 50 then I will post the first 40 here and the rest on the News Blog on my website.  Also in line with what Mary McAvoy has been telling us about SEO for Photographers, I am going to start renaming the files that you send me to help us all get better ratings, I…

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