Monochrome Madness Week 17

I have participated in Monochrome madness again this week, the photography is stunning, and I am proud to be included with this amazing group of photographers. I hope you will take a few minutes to check out some of their work.


Here I was thinking that this weeks Monochrome Madness was going to be a small group and then all of a sudden I was inundated with emails, all good.  So still a nice group of images and I am sure you will all enjoy them.  I have heard from some that you are enjoying the discussions taking place with the images, and I think that is fantastic, so please keep doing it. Though I haven’t responded to everyone’s emails, I’m so sorry, I am travelling today, and the last few days have been a bit busy getting everything organised.  As such, I won’t be on the internet much, I can approve comments, but would love it if you all just respond to the comments where you can, to all of them.  I would love to see you doing that, so everyone is responsible, got that?


A while back I got…

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