Santa María de León Cathedral; Leon Spain

Santa María de León Cathedral; copyright jmeyersforeman
Santa María de León Cathedral; copyright jmeyersforeman 

The Leon Cathedral is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Spain and Europe it is considered to be a Gothic masterpiece, and with 125 stained class windows the viewer is first notices the contrast between the warm dark stone walls and arches and the colourful bright stained glass windows.

We spent yesterday travelling between Leon and Zaragoza  a six-hour train ride. It’s always seems the travelling days are the hardest even when someone else is doing all the work!


The Leon Cathedral is a perfect subject for this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: contrasts.


11 thoughts on “Santa María de León Cathedral; Leon Spain

    1. thanks Robin, we did pick a cloudy day to go into the Cathedral, so the contrast wasn’t quite as strong, then a little dodging in photoshop helped the stain glass! I am glad you like it.


      1. Yes, I really did like it. I’ve photographed a fair number of cathedrals, chapels, etc. so I know the challenges. I also like the warm glow of the interior lighting.


  1. Hey Janet, you caught the brilliance of the stained glass here–that was my favorite part of the interior of the church. I have to say that despite the beauty of the stained glass, the most compelling aspect of the cathedral is not the interior–which, like many Spanish Gothic cathedrals, was merely a copy of French cathedrals built 100 or 200 years prior–but the exterior, where two competing sculptors carved the statues that adorned the facade. I hope you paid a visit to the cloisters to see them up close!


    1. Hi Nathan, we did visit the cloisters and viewed the sculptures, you are right this area should not be missed. But to be honest I found the frescos to be more fascinating! They remind us that at art was not just in the structure, and that at one time areas like the tympanum were colourfully painted. The carved choir chairs are also beautiful. There was so much to see and enjoy, but it is the stained glass that first inspires! thanks for visiting the blog, and taking time to comment. I am happy that you like the photo. Buen camino Peregino.


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