Murals and Public Art; Zaragoza Spain

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murals and public art; Zaragoza Spain
murals and public art; Zaragoza Spain 

We have been in Zaragoza Spain for a couple of days wandering the streets and checking out the sites.

It seems that in manyof the cities of Spain that we have visited we have found walls and shutters painted, sometimes to identify a  business or area of the city. You will recall the images of Madrid and of the Camino. Zaragoza is no exception, the area of  El Tubo, in the old part of town, is where we found the painted murals, and where, we also found more tapa bars per square block than any other city we have been in.

It does seem that the Spanish people are not inclined to dull or boring brick walls, and it is wonderful to see the creative expression in corners and narrow streets that might otherwise by boring brick walls!


3 thoughts on “Murals and Public Art; Zaragoza Spain

      1. Hi Janice,
        Youre very welcome, nice to see your photos of Spain and Zaragoza. Sorry for not mentioning that link; actually by coincidence I posted one of his works in Zaragoza last week 😉
        All the best, Ron


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