The Aljafería Palace; Zaragoza Spain

The Aljafería Palace; Zaragoza Spain; copyright jmeyersforeman
The Aljafería Palace; Zaragoza Spain; copyright jmeyersforeman

The Aljaferia Place in Zaragoza, a fortified medieval Islamic palace built during the second half of the 11th century in what is now Zaragoza Spain, a wonderful example of Moorish Architecture in Spain. While much of the building has been restored to its original beauty, with the intricate doorways and arches, many of the interior doors have been left in untouched. Much has been written about the history and can be found on-line, I have provided a few links. Sunday morning has free admission, and consequently it is a busy time to visit. Guided tours are available in several languages.

I wanted to show several examples of the different arches and doorways; giving me an opportunity to experiment with a different layout, and to create a triptych, toning the background to the same colour in the images. While I like the overall effect, I used web-sized images, for my experiment and consequently have a small finished product for my blog post. Next time I will use the original images and then size for the triptych to the desired size for my post. That should give me some flexibility for my blog post. Unfortunately I am running short of time, too many things to do and see, people to visit with to redo the triptych at this time!

I hope your week is going well.


3 thoughts on “The Aljafería Palace; Zaragoza Spain

      1. you’re welcome! I do love those old buildings. We don’t have that kind of thing here so I always love it when we go to Europe and see things things.


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