May I Join You for Lunch?

May I Join You for Lunch?
May I Join You for Lunch? 

We were sitting in the train station waiting for the train, on our way to Nantes, having our coffee and croissant when this little guy flew in and landed on the railing next to our table. I am not normally interesting in beggars’ who come to the table seeking easy rewards, but I couldn’t resist his inquisitive little face, so I threw a crumb to the floor. Before long he was back. Several times he visited our table. Between visits I was able to get my camera out of the bag, and on his return I snapped a few images, so I guess he earned his crumbs!

It is these little things that make me smile!


12 thoughts on “May I Join You for Lunch?

    1. thanks Darwin, happy to hear you like the photo. I think the little guys have learned we are gullible to cute, and sloppy with crumbs. The world, or at least this train station is their bread basket!!


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