Rushing by the Sunflowers and the French Countryside

rushing by the sunflowers and the French countryside
rushing by the sunflowers and the French countryside 

We took a four hour train ride from Bordeaux to Nantes, long train rides are usually good for getting a little work done but I find I often get distracted, watching the French countryside rush by.  I have commented several times on Spain’s train system, it was pleasure to travel with them I was convinced that they could not be outdone. Well the French might not have outdone the Spanish rail service, but it is just as easy, just as comfortable, just as easy to recommend.

During our four hour ride we watched the cities, towns and farmland roll by. I think this is as close as I will get to the sunflower fields this year! Robin has a great photo of a sunflower on his blog this week, he wanted to alert the photographers in his area that the bright beautiful flower is in bloom.

This image and others are available in my photoshelter gallery. I invite you to check them out. I have had the gallery, but just now finding some time to develop the site a little further.



7 thoughts on “Rushing by the Sunflowers and the French Countryside

  1. Janice, just opened my email to the usual 50 or so new ones overnight. Your photo jumped out of email box and into my heart. Captivating image and story. I love the train travel as well in southern Europe … but never count on getting anything done other than viewing the scenery speeding by.
    FYI, the Italian rail system worked as well for us as the French. Slightly slower at a mere 250 km/hr, compared to 320 km/hr+ on the TGV from Paris to Nice … but great opportunities for blurred foregrounds. Enjoy your travels … looking forward to catching up sometime when you are back in Calgary.


    1. Hi Robin, I am happy to hear you like the image, I read your blog post on the sunflowers in your area, and was bemoaning the fact that I am unlikely to see any this year. Suddenly, they when flying by my window, I grabbed the camera for the next field. I figured it was fair to provide a link to your image since it was the inspiration!


      1. Wow, how cool is that!? I’ll be thinking of your “from the train” image when I get back out there. By the way, your itinerary these past weeks has been most impressive.


      2. thanks Robin, we have been on the road for almost five months now! there are days like today it is tough to leave the apartment we rented, but one more day in Nantes and still stuff to see and photograph. we are headed for home in August!


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