Bordeaux Carousel

Bordeaux Carousel
Bordeaux Carousel

I love carousels, and usually spend a bit of time when I find one photographing them, and their location. I can’t quite explain the fascination, in the old days a carousel had a brass ring that, if you were able to grab and remove, meant you got a free ride! I think it has more to do with watching kids and their excitement, the smiles are contagious don’t you think?

Bordeaux has two carousels that I found, although I had heard there was a third I did not have time to find, just another reason to return to this lovely city….

Here is the colour version; I am having trouble deciding which one I like best. Tell me which one you like and why, I would love to hear from you.

Carousel in Bordeaux France
Carousel in Bordeaux France

To see more images of carousels and amusement rides you can check out my Photoshelter Gallery.


4 thoughts on “Bordeaux Carousel

    1. Hi Roger, nice to hear from you, I was sure the bright colours would appeal to some, the old fairground paintings are lovely, I hadn’t thought of them as a comparison! the new amusement parks have quite a different colour. thanks for taking time to comment, it is always nice to hear people’s thoughts.


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