Canal living on the River Erdre Nantes France

River Erdre Nantes France; copyright jmeyersforeman
River Erdre Nantes France; copyright jmeyersforeman

One more image of the city of Nantes, and one of the beautiful canals along the River Erdre.

In 2004, Time magazine named Nantes as “the most livable city in Europe”  that seems no surprise given all the lovely green spaces, bike paths, and walking streets. I have also learned that Nantes holds the title of European Green Capital for its efforts to reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions, for its high quality and well-managed public transport system. A beautiful city worth seeing and spending time in and if I get a chance I will return to.

I have been reading a number of blogs by photographers who share their processing steps, showing before and after images. Aside from learning a great deal from these photographers on processing I have come to the realization that I should be keeping better notes on the steps I take refine an image, some images like this one are quite simple. Processed entirely in Camera Raw moving 5 sliders to adjust the exposure, contrast, whites, highlights and blacks, and then 2 more to boost the clarity and vibrance, we can see how easy it is to bring back depth and detail that made us want to photograph the beautiful view in the first place.

copyright jmeyersforeman
copyright jmeyersforeman

Still learning, while travelling. Check out the Gallery for more images from our travels,


9 thoughts on “Canal living on the River Erdre Nantes France

    1. Hi Roger, Nantes is lovely, you picked a lovely part of the France to live in! Just when I think I have learned what photoshop has to offer they bring out an update, and there is more to learn!


  1. Nice image, Janice. And it was cool that you added the screenshot of the settings from Camera Raw. You should submit some of your images to Stacy Fischer’s Before-After Friday Forum. It would be cool to see your work there. Meanwhile, I continue to be jealous of your itinerary.


    1. Hi Robin, I it nice to hear you like the image. I was thinking about the ABforum, and will aim in time. The screen shot was the simplest way to keep track of the changes I made to the image. I am not sure with all the travelling I can manage a consistent blog as yet. So it will be something to think about! the itinerary is getting a little tiring! so much to see so little time in each place.


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