Monochrome Madness

time gone by
time gone by; copyright jmeyersforeman

This image was taken a couple of weeks ago in Bordeaux France. While walking  through an area that was a little more industrial than tourist we passed this old warehouse. It was the time clock that originally caught my attention. I am sure the intended purpose was to insure no workers was ever late, no excuse for doddling at the door; the company clock was the first and last reference. The clock is no longer working and the warehouse appears to be shut down, these two facts lead me quite naturally to the title “time gone by” and the choice of toning the images to look like an old photo.

I have been following Leanne Cole’s blog for a while now, she has wonderful blog, and has built a great following of photographers who share information and encouragement. One Wednesdays she runs Monochrome Madness, where photographers can share their monochrome images, most images are black and white, some toned, as mine is, when the photographer feels it is appropriate. I always enjoys seeing what the other photographers have done for the week, and reading their blogs. Hop on over the Monochrome Madness  I am sure you will enjoy the images as well.


8 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness

  1. Janice, I have been on the road for three weeks, somewhat neglecting my blog but for previously scheduled posts. I’m in a rare moment of relaxation in my hotel room and saw that you commented on ABFriday. I wanted to visit your blog before responding … and I am just loving everything I’ve seen!

    This image for Leanne’s MM is wonderful – and I absolutely enjoyed the story you shared as to why you took the photo and your post-processing choices. The image and your story just sparks my imagination, and to me, that makes a special photo. Well done!


    1. Thanks Stacey for you kind words. I am trying to blend the photography with a bit to travel/place info for the time-being as we have been travelling for a while now. It is always nice to get kind words!


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