Elsa Tomjowiak at theTheatre Graslin, Nantes France


Elsa Tomjowiak at theTheatre Graslin, Nantes France, copyright jmeyersforeman
  Elsa Tomjowiak at theTheatre Graslin, Nantes France, copyright jmeyersforeman  

I have been experimenting with different templates and layouts in Photoshop, gathering new skills and figuring out ways to present photos in a series that collectively tell the story better than a single image, so today I will take you back to Nantes France.  Around the city we found several art installations as we wandered around the streets, visiting historic sites and tourist attractions.  The Elsa Tomjowiak’s art installation was at the Theatre Graslin.

Elsa Tomjowiak hung long strips of painted plastic in the very large front entrance to the opera house, the colour transforms the all white hallway with a rainbow of colour that dances and moves as the sunlight changes intensity and direction through the day.

I thought these images would work well in this template. The first image is  the view of the opera house as we first discovered it. Walking up to the front, the colour banners hanging down between the all white columns. As we approached the building curiosity drew us inside to find that the banners were also draped inside and we could witness how the colour had transformed the all white hallway.  After spending time in the now colourful front hallway we wandered out of the building to find a group of young people on the steps, using the opera house as a background and  singing to the people as they sat and enjoyed their lunch in the square.

Do you think that using these images to tightly together makes the collage to busy? I would appreciate any feedback you might have on using templates for storytelling.


8 thoughts on “Elsa Tomjowiak at theTheatre Graslin, Nantes France

  1. Hi Janice, I love the interactive visual concept that the Opera house has. Very attractive. In this case yes, the collage layout of photos is a bit busy, I would really like to see larger images of the art intertwined with the architecture. Can you send more images, do you know who the artists are?
    Great post and what a super experience to share..


    1. Hi Susan, Elsa Tomkoiak is the artist, I should have provided a link to her site, you can see more of her work here http://elsa.tomkowiak.free.fr/
      thanks for the input on the layout, if you click on the image you should see a larger version, and you can see the individual images a little better.
      thanks for you comments, and for the reblog, it is always nice to get feedback.


  2. I think the collage is beautiful. I think the composition is good with the individual photos drawing your eye into the centre where there is a marble statue of a man sitting in quiet contemplation, calm, cool and white amongst so much vibrant colour.


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