Monochrome Madness; The Thames River in Infrared Black and White

Thames River, United Kingdom, infrared image.
River Thames; copyright jmeyersforeman

My cousin’s in England live in the area of Reading, and while we were out touring the countryside visiting several little towns and enjoying the sites we crossed the River Thames several times. We found several pretty views, as we crossed bridges and walked in the parks. It seems like it would be a lovely peaceful way to spend a couple of weeks during the lazy days of summer, provided the weather was sunny.

I haven’t been doing a lot of black and white images lately, but I wanted to participate in Leanne Cole‘s a weekly blog post of Monochrome Madness.  Photographers from around the world submit their favourite monochrome image for the week. I recommend you head over to her site if you are interested in seeing more monochrome images.

For this image I used Nik Color Efex Pro 4, Infrared black and white to process the image. I like using the Nik Software, there is a lot of presets, but each preset has many ways to customize the affect to one that best suits the photograph. For this image I was able to adjust the highlight and shadow sliders, preserving detail in the image that had been eliminated with the original present and I was able to achieve that dreamy feel of a quiet afternoon landscape.


11 thoughts on “Monochrome Madness; The Thames River in Infrared Black and White

  1. Janice, Ethereal image in B&W. I seem to always be pulled to whether colour or b&w is a better choice for an image. Often my conclusion is that either works, although the mood of the image can be very different!
    I love nik software for many things, but the b&W conversion choices are amazing. You used one of the filters of the Colour Efex Pro module. Have you tried the Silver Efex Pro module? Many more choices there.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your travels.


    1. Hi Keith, with some photos it is an easy choice,it is either meant for black and white or it isn’t, but not always! I really like the Silver Efex Pro module, lots of presets and sliders for adaptation, but if you want Infrared you have to use Color Efex Pro!
      We are back in Calgary for a couple of weeks, back on the road early September!


  2. Hi, Jan (or do you prefer Janice?). I agree with the comments before mine – ethereal and magical are perfect words to describe your image! And to me, it seems to have a miniaturized feeling to it. Can you see that too or is it just me?

    I have used Nik Efex too and love the different looks that can be achieved. I haven’t yet figured what control points are all about. Really need to watch those tutorials in my spare time 😉


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