Processing Memories and the Photo Archive, like Looking out the window again!

"looking out the window" copyright jmeyersforeman
“looking out the window” copyright jmeyersforeman 

We have been back in our home town for a couple of weeks now, visiting friends, catching up on paperwork, occassionallyl playing tourist in our own back yard, and as our dear friends will know we are planning our next escape! 

While at home I have been processing images, going back through the photo files and having a second look, adding keywords as I think of them, i think my scrabble friends would enjoy this part of the process! I have also decided to learn more about Lightroom. It is now included with the Creative Cloud and I have read several times that it is a much more efficient way to catalogue, keyword, process images and share images, among other things. Learning a new workflow isn’t easy! Is it just me or does everyone else have trouble building new/good habits, and a hard time breaking old/bad habits. 

Anyone want to provide some good links to learning tools or videos send them on, all help is appreciated. 


5 thoughts on “Processing Memories and the Photo Archive, like Looking out the window again!

    1. Hi Roger, there seems to be a few more options and advantages with Lightroom, but the learning curve and changing workflow habits means it might be a while before I make a final decision! Thanks for comments.


  1. I’m not an LR user, long story not worth telling here but, if you make extensive use of the Adobe Camera RAW module, you will find the Develop module of LR fairly intuitive. Good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing.


    1. HI Robin, thanks for your encouragement, so far I have found the Develop Module similar to Camera RAW, the big difference so far has been Key-wording, and preparing and publishing photos. I will keep you posted on other aspects I like.


      1. Yes, assigning keywords to images can be a little frustrating especially after you have been going along for a while. Suddenly you think up a great new one that you just know could be applied to about 100+ previous images that you have already cataloged. Hang in there;-)


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