Morning Swim; Monochrome Madness week 31

Monochrome Madness; copyright jmeyersforeman
Monochrome Madness; copyright jmeyersforeman  

Early one morning Okanagan Lake, near Kelowna British Columbia; swimmers head to the lake for their early morning swim. I loved the idea of the swimmer in a black wet suit as he walked into the water, keeping the swimmer in strong contrast while the detail in the water and hazy sky, as well as the buoys and other swimmers in the water kept soft.

I did submit the photo to Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness, a weekly forum for photographers working with monochrome images. The blog has introduced me a whole bunch of new photographers, and heightened my awareness for monochrome images. I have been inspired and encouraged to experiment with monochrome images past the basic black and white adjustment layer in Photoshop to more selective adjustments that are particular and necessary to achieve the desired result, and enhance the magic of storytelling with photography.  Each of the photographers who submit to the forum are working on their storytelling.  I would like to encourage you to check out Leanne’s blog and the other photographer who submit their images.







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